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puppy god

by church fire

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shrouded cloaked under an invisible force shaped we can only speak their words beaming a lovely side effect empty no, no regret (for you) why are we all crazy, clawing devouring ourselves and starving we’re starving smile don’t tell tell me to smile beaming, empty
paralyzed - you won it could be real - for some i’m full of hate and poop make me stay at home social control, a precaution a good, good reason trust, reliance, greed, compliance abate my anxiety keep the world safe from me i’m not alone, and it’s the worst i can’t contain the curse i’m full of hate & poop make me stay at home turn on the megaphone make us stay at home cough on the rich hoard/die/kill/die it’s all for me, right?
almost over 04:49
the wheels coming off of meaning i’ll disappear from always hiding my jagged edges nature drags me from room to room compelled by compulsion all drivel codified work itself won’t work itself out and time can only burn my own tangle of layers i’m wrapped up in wrapping me up i’m glad that it is almost over there is no such thing as enough
aqua tofana 03:00
wonder why they’re all the same use the same devices, incendiary doors nevermind, they’re all the same and we know what these pigs will eat embrace deep belief, implant their seed the only out is to feed the beast you yield, huddled in teams teeming with the hunger to be free slip your grief into the mailslot of dis ease the only peace for a sinner burn your own for your protection serve the crown - know discretion you’ll survive - acclimate to poison put on your face, sweet, serve the toxins beauty is deadly, use the gaze used to no safety - helplessness your strength condemn, condemn spit fire, your fire
ephemera 03:14
slow death of cowardice choking out the wilderness what’s wild in you imploded as the sparks flew silence settles in air too heavy to breathe charred and weak we see the green too late we got it wrong shadows shift, and I’m the only one who lost a glimpse of ephemera who couldn’t see she wasn’t done who couldn’t wait for transmutation too late it’ll take too long the life is gone
small seed 03:55
no small seed the blood you make us bleed the roots it feeds cracks slowly spread rivers through concrete splitting beneath our feet withered. fell to only know our endlessness
stars / starving / rage / fear / scars / water shackled by trauma dodging bullets, walking on eggshells fear my bad time i drank the water in their desert they found a way to make me pay for it we’ll drink the water we’ll find a way
universally forgiven collective isolation the privilege to drown and set the pace sugar and forgetting hoping to be forgotten we inherited this driving sepsis let it flow, be one with the detritus it only hurts if you think about it sweet sugar, just forget about it i don’t know how you do it i can’t see how they pulled it off i dunno, i wanna kill it or maybe just forget it all i wanna kill it. forget it all
painless 03:49
i am sorry for a world that will kill you over and over, a world i can live in for a sickness that convinces that beauty is the real fiction that the truth is ugly, that strength is cold hard, that your kindness was weak for a world that taught you - be sweet to everyone when you could only be yourself i can’t stay stay up all night this is something i don’t know how to fight be sweet to everyone i’m sorry
they stripped her of her power rewrote her history tried to rip the earth from within her ritualistic blasphemy declared her limbs their land claimed her guts their sustenance took hold of all they touched taught us to lie flat i am here, send me, i am dirt, defend me make me keep my babies claim them as your own you’ll know who wears the crown you can’t erase what you cannot see evil, evil divinity we are here, we are free, we are her your enemy


released October 15, 2022

all songs written, produced, recorded, and mixed by church fire
live drums recorded by Byron Jacquot at Burns Junction Transcription
mastered by Tyler Lindgren
album art by Dre Mendoza
church fire logo by Scott Fuller
released by Witch Cat Records / www.witchcatrecords.com


all rights reserved



church fire Denver, Colorado

"...equal parts industrial synth pop, hyperkinetic dance punk and dreamlike ambient 8-bit EDM doom." ~Tom Murphy

primal therapy


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